Hello Sunshine!

September 2019

Our Lakeview Village project in Mississauga has been making news with an estimated 1 million sunflowers in full bloom, attracting local residents from near and far. CTV’s Anwar Knight and Global News Minna Rea recently visited to report on the transformation of the lands from a polluting coal – fired power plant, to now home to fields of sunflowers attracting bee’s, butterflies and selfies, with the ultimate transformation yet to come with the creation of a spectacular mixed – use waterfront destination community.

The planting of the sunflowers serves a far more important role as “phytoremediators” and can remove dangerous toxins and hazardous materials such as lead, arsenic, zinc, chromium, cadmium, copper, manganese and uranium. In addition to decontaminating the soil, sunflowers also attract bees because of their high – quality protein in their nectar, strengthening the bee population and enabling further pollination to help create a stronger local wildlife.


The sunflowers are expected to last until just before the end of September. Hurry by and get your selfie – and don’t forget to tag #mylakeviewvillage. Prime viewing area is at Lakeshore Road and Hydro Road with parking available at 800 Hydro Road.

To learn more about Lakeview Village, please visit www.lakeviewvillage.com.