Compass Landing – Life is good in Naples, Florida

January 2017

Sometimes classroom walls can really constrict the learning process. In partnership with the students and staff at Stephen Lewis Secondary School in Peel Region, ARGO helped build an outdoor amphitheater to invigorate the school grounds and provide a new type of classroom.

As part of a community mapping class project, the students discovered an opportunity to develop unused green – space right in their own school yard. Through discussion and brainstorming, they came together with a theoretical design and pitched ARGO for their help. Best of all, the project became part of Ontario’s EcoSchools program, redeveloping our educational institution with a more environmentally conscious vision.

ARGO believes in giving back to the communities in which they operate in and saw this as a chance to help the students and staff of Stephen Lewis. The amphitheatre is not only an outdoor classrooom but an active green space where students congregate at lunch and after school. Instead of hiding inside and behind the screens of their phones and computers, students are coming together to appreciate the space building a closer community.

We’re in the business of building communities and happy to have been a partner in this very special project.

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