Bringing the Wildlife to Glen Abbey

July 2020

A new vision of sustainable development

Argo’s Bronte Green site, and future Glen Abbey community, is now home to the first replicated wildlife pond of its kind in the GTA! Beginning as a shared vision of reproducing and enhancing an existing habitat for wildlife, Argo and our team of environmental and engineering experts have worked closely in collaboration with the Town of Oakville and Conservation Halton for several years to bring this vision to fruition. Extensive efforts include developing conceptual and detailed designs for a pond incorporating a range of habitat elements, such as sandy mounds for turtle nesting, and the incorporation of native plants such as the Blue Flag Iris to provide cover and food for insects and local wildlife.


The introduction of this new ecosystem on a former agricultural field, adjacent to the 14 Mile Creek, is a protected part of the Town of Oakville’s Natural Heritage System. It will provide refuge for a diversity of local wildlife known to live in or move through the area, such as turtles, frogs, snakes, muskrats, beavers and deer.

The wildlife pond was designed to support groundwater infiltration which can help sustain the endangered Redside Dace fish population that lives in the nearby Fourteen Mile Creek. Once freshly planted vegetation in and around the pond edges are able to establish over the next little while, it will further assist in filtering out nutrients and reducing algae growth. With ongoing monitoring to ensure native plants and wildlife diversity will continue to thrive, we will further ensure the success of the wildlife pond for years to come.

Argo’s commitment to the ongoing monitoring of water levels, and native plant and wildlife diversity, will further ensure the success of the pond for years to come and serve as a model for sustainable and responsible development through vital partnerships between developers, local Municipal and conservation authorities.